R-Ranch Tours

If you are in the vicinity of the R-Ranch in Northern California and would like to take a tour of the property and campgrounds, give us a call at 530-475-3495 and setup a time for a day tour. The tours usually take about an hour depending on all the things you want to see. If you have time before your arrival, fill out the Tour Request Form so we know what you are interested in seeing. You can scan and email the form, fax it of just put it in the mail.

If you have an RV or trailer and would like to stay at the R-Ranch for two nights, we can make this happen. We will guest you for one stay and the cost of a campsite with electricity and guest fees total $68.00. We are offering this tour for a special price of $34.00 and if you purchase a share within one year, we will credit that amount to the purchase.

If you don’t have an RV or trailer but still would like to see the R-Ranch, we can offer the same package using our Bunkhouse. You will have to bring your own sleeping bags or bedding, or you can request an upgraded bunkhouse room with a queen bed that includes bedding and towels.

There is no obligation to buy; all tours are handled by R-Ranch Staff or Owner Volunteers in a friendly non-pressured environment, guaranteed.

View & Download Tour Request Form