The R-Ranch is a total of 2,500 deeded undivided interest shares. After initial buy-in, each owner contributes an annual assessment that covers the cost of running the ranch and maintaining the amenities. Owners and the associate owners that are listed on their share are then able to enjoy most of the activities and amenities at the ranch for no additional charge. Owners can also pay an extra fee to have other guests join them for a stay at the ranch.

Because the R-Ranch is a 501(c)7 recreational property, owners must have a permanent residence elsewhere. Owners can not receive mail at the ranch, or do anything else that would establish themselves as residents of the ranch. Each owner can only stay at the ranch for 210 nights per owner’s calendar year, but there is no limit on daytime use of the ranch. Come stay and play for a while!

When you are an owner at the R-Ranch, you have a say in the operations of the ranch.

Each year you have the opportunity to:

  • Elect owner-volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors for the ranch
  • Run for a Board position if you would like to help the ranch
  • Express your opinion at the annual member’s meeting
  • Attend Board meetings to hear for yourself the decisions being made on behalf of the ranch
  • Voluntarily participate in ranch projects

Ownership at R-Ranch really means something. We hope you will join our family at the ranch and start making your own wonderful memories today!

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What is offered at the Ranch?

Just about every type of recreational activity to include:

  • Horse Back Riding
  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • RVs/Trailer/Camping Sites
  • Swimming
  • Miles of ATV Trails
  • Hunting
  • Mountain Biking
  • Tennis
  • Gold Panning
  • Skiing Nearby
  • Target & Skeet Shooting
  • Family & Adult Activities
  • Peace and tranquility amidst nature’s beauty

What type of amenities are there for owners and guests?

Wide variety of activities and fun to include:

  • RV Hookups at two large campgrounds
  • Security gated campgrounds with evening security patrols
  • Line Shacks
  • “Grant Deed” Ownership
  • First class amenities at a fraction of normal cost
  • A private facility strictly for owners & their guests
  • RV Storage

How much does it cost to buy a share?

The official rate for a share of the R-Ranch is $2,500.00 plus $1267.20 yearly Assessment for operating expenses.

What is the annual cost to be an owner?

Each owner pays an annual assessment of $1267.20, to cover the operating costs of the ranch. (This assessment can be increased or decreased each year, depending on expenses, in accordance with our governing documents.)

Who does my ownership cover?

Your share grants access to the ranch to two adults in your household, all your minor children, and your grandchildren under the age of 16. (In some cases, your college-age children, or adult disabled children can be included.)

Can I bring my friends and family with me to R-Ranch?

Yes, owners can bring their friends and family with them as sponsored guests at the ranch. Guest fees and rules apply.

How often can I visit the ranch?

Each owner can stay up to 210 nights per owner’s calendar year. You can use the ranch for day-use, every day, year-round.

Is R-Ranch a time-share?

No. R-Ranch Property Owner’s Association is not a time-share. Owners can enjoy the Ranch for day-use 365 days per year, and up to 210 overnight stays per year.  Reservations are needed for our rental homes, but the campsites are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.