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About the Ranch

In 1971, Jeff Dennis, a sportsman-rancher-investor, founded the R-Ranch. Located near Hornbrook, California, this was the first R-Ranch to be created by Mr. Dennis. Encouraged to form an ecologically sustainable model, the R-Ranch land was kept mostly in its natural state for people and wildlife to enjoy for generations to come. More than 50 years later, we still strive to provide an affordable family recreation experience in an authentic ranch and outdoor setting.

The real value of staying at the R-Ranch are the many treasured memories created by owners and their families. It is common to see multi-generational families together floating down the river, gathering in the lodge for a family reunion, or riding off into the oak forest on a trail ride.

The Ranch Land

The R-Ranch consists of 3 sections that altogether encompass its 5,119 acres:

  • The first section is 1,000 acres just to the west of I-5 that is home to the barn, stables, arena, headquarters office, the line-shacks, a vacation rental home, several ponds and pastures, and the ranch horses.
  • The second section is located just east of I-5, and includes the Cottonwood campground, our swimming pool with small lodge, a large bass pond, and 3,000 acres of undeveloped land for hunting, off-road vehicle riding, and seasonal cattle grazing.
  • The third section is located 6 miles up the Klamath river from the small town of Hornbrook, CA, and includes 1 ½ miles of riverfront property, the Klamath campground, the Riverfront lodge, a vacation rental home, a gun range, and another 1,000 acres of undeveloped land to explore.

History of the R-Ranch

In 1971 R-Ranch was founded by real estate developer, rancher and sportsman Jeff Dennis who had the vision of creating an affordable recreational family-oriented ranch. His vision is now R-Ranch Property Owners Association, in Siskiyou County, California.

Instead of selling small lots or time shares, Dennis came up with the concept of having 2,500 R-Ranch families share an “undivided interest” in a sort of family recreation country club. For an initial buy-in fee, and then an annual assessment thereafter, R-Ranch owners would be entitled to use all the facilities and amenities on the ranch for up to 210 overnight stays per owner’s calendar year. Owners can enjoy day-time use of the ranch all 365 days of the year!

The R-Ranch was designed to have a low impact on the natural land. A few centrally located facilities were developed, leaving the vast majority of the property in a natural state for generations of owners and wildlife to explore. More than 50 years later, our Owners are still enjoying the benefits of Mr. Dennis’ vision.

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