Building Memories at R-Ranch

Memories that last a lifetime will be built for you and your family and friends at R-Ranch.  Sure R-Ranch features a myriad of recreational activities from horseback riding to riding the white water of the famous Klamath River – from hunting for that prize buck to BBQs by Cottonwood Creek; but the real value of spending time at “The Ranch” is all the wonderful memories that will be formed each time you visit!

The “R” in R-Ranch stands for recreation!  R-Ranch is a privately owned family friendly recreation ranch situated on three parcels comprising 5000+ acres of prime northern California property.  The Ranch is also the gateway to unlimited additional recreation, entertainment and shopping experiences as well.  And the best part – when you purchase an R-Ranch share it’s not just for a couple of weeks a year – you can enjoy the amenities 365 days a year – and you own a part of it all!!!

Imagine the memories you’ll develop splashing in the pool, riding horses or ATV’s, hauling a fish out of a pond or river, or just dangling your feet in the some of the clearest water in the West.  Remember, what you do at the R-Ranch will be outweighed by memories you’ll form – forever.

So grab your gear and head for your home away from home – northern California’s number one family recreation ranch – R-Ranch Hornbrook.