Security Gate Rules and Application

The Cottonwood Campground entrance has been changed to make access for a large RVs or trailers much easier. Once access is granted you will have a straight drive into the campground. The old entrance gate has been turned into a manual locked gate that can be opened during heavy traffic times on the holidays or for special events.

The Klamath Campground gate will remain the same. As part of the gate installation, the Klamath Lodge door has been armed with a new lock and access can be gained with your R-Ranch gate card, remote, or a numerical access code. This will secure the lodge 24 hours a day and help stop petty theft and vandalism in the future.

The Headquarters gate uses solar power to open and close. This is the only Security Gate that will remain open during business hours. Headquarters will close this gate in the evening. Contact Headquarters for summer and winter schedules as times will vary.

The computer system that will check access codes is large enough to expand this security system in the future to restrooms, laundry rooms, Cottonwood Lodge and pool and the Bunkhouse. The Board will have to budget for this in the future. Once the current project is finished, the R-Ranch will have an electronic record of all owners entering the R-Ranch property along with video of same. All owners and guests are required to access the security gates to the campgrounds, Headquarters and Bunkhouse INDIVIDUALLY when a code is needed to open the gate. Anyone tailgating the owner or guest in front of them will be fined $25.00 per occurrence.

Access Cards and Codes

Access cards, codes or clickers issued prior to 10/31/16 will no longer work on any of the gates. All Owners in good standing will receive one free card for the new gate system. New owners and any current owner wishing to receive an extra card, access code or remote should fill out the Access Code Application form. You can either email it or bring it to Headquarters to fill the order.

New Cards:

Each owner will be issued one free card. Additional cards can be purchased at $10.00 each and there is no limit to how many cards you can purchase. Brown Book rules and fines apply for misuse of cards.

Access Code:

A five-digit access code can be purchased for a onetime fee of $25.00 per share and used by multiple owners on title, children and guests all of which the owner is responsible for. Guest fees are still applicable but no special access code for guests would be necessary. Owner access codes cannot be shared with other owners or non-owners that are not registered guests. Brown Book rules and fines apply for misuse of codes.


Some owners have remote controls or clickers that will open the gates without entering a code or using an access card. New remotes will be available for purchase at $50.00 per remote. Anyone with an R-Ranch issued remote can turn it in at Headquarters and purchase the new remote for a reduced price of $25.00. No remotes other than R-Ranch DKS remotes will be accepted for the discount price. Brown Book rules and fines apply for misuse of remotes.

For further information please call R-Ranch Headquarters at 530-475-3495 with your questions. Please fill out the enclosed “Security Gate Application Form” and mail it today or bring it to Headquarters on your next visit.

Click Here To View/Print Security Gate Application Form