Electricity Shutoff Rules:

An owner’s campsite electricity may be turned off or not provided for the following reasons:

  • Non-payment of electric bill 30 days after the first billing
  • Non-payment or delinquent owner assessments.
  • Any owner who is suspended from the ranch will not be provided electricity/utilities.
  • Non-payment or delinquent of any R-Ranch fines or fees.

Any owner who is not in good standing or is delinquent on any fines, fees, or electric bill will be subject to having their utilities turned off. It will remain off at whichever campsite they occupy whether they move or not. This will also apply to those owners that arrive on the R-Ranch and are not in good standing. The electric and utilities shall remain off until all such assessments, fines, fees or electric charges have been paid or until other arrangements have been made with Management or the Board of Directors.

Any damage, removal, or tampering of the electrical boxes or wiring will be considered vandalism and/or theft and damage of R-Ranch property. Such acts are subject to the R-Ranch Governing Documents (Brown Book) and applicable state laws pertaining to the offense. See Section Fifteen of the Brown Book for listed fines.

Running an electrical cord from nearby electric sites or other sources will be considered theft and appropriate penalties will apply. Owner’s electrical cords will be removed from the electrical source if the owner attempts to use another electrical source.

An owner is considered delinquent on any R-Ranch fee, including and electric bill, if it has not been paid after 30 days from the billing date. An owner is considered delinquent on their assessments as is defined in the R-Ranch CC&R’s and By-Laws.