Rebuild Updates

By October 31, 2018 June 19th, 2020 Fire and Rebuild

This page will be the owner’s source for “Official Updates” on the rebuild of the R-Ranch Bunkhouse, Cottonwood Lodge and the pool. We will update this no less than once a month, but more often as designs and other construction information is available.


The pool itself is up and running, we just have to have the propane hooked up to the pool heaters. The pool deck is under HCD (Housing & Community Development) for permitting and they are headquartered in Sacramento, California. Just for reference, in additional to the pool deck, before the pool can open, we have to have: *approved fencing with self-locking gates – *proper signage – *dusk to dawn lights that don’t shine on the pool, – *a drinking fountain – *a temporary shower facility/trailer – *port-a-potties in the area, and a final occupancy inspection. All before owners and guests can enjoy the R-Ranch pool.
We were getting permitting easily at first for electrical (i.e. transformer and electrical box). Then about two months ago, HCD had an inspector come out and instead of inspecting the site; he inspected the R-Ranch as a whole and went back to his Sacramento office with his findings. HCD had a meeting to decide if R-Ranch was under their jurisdiction. They came to the conclusion that we were under their jurisdiction and they would be permitting the construction project. About three weeks ago our construction company and I received a letter from HCD stating that yes to the buildings, but not the pool deck. My first reaction was disbelief; my second reaction was to head directly to the Siskiyou County for help. They countered with DCH form #514 stating that the pool deck was under the jurisdiction of HCD. I started making phone calls again to HCD and various Siskiyou County departments. After a humbly stated email to HCD – with hat in hand so to speak; I finally got HCD and Siskiyou County to talk again. As weird as this may sound, Siskiyou County is permitting the pool deck and HCD is permitting the lighting around the pool deck, as well as the buildings.
Siskiyou County Environmental Health, Siskiyou County Planning Department and Siskiyou County Office of County Counsel went above and beyond to help work this situation out. I want to thank them! So, with all this being said, we are able to move ahead with the pool deck; all of this with the COVID-19 shutdowns working against us.
Dave Baudek, GM
Fiber glassing of the pool was completed last week. This week, we are filling the pool with water. The electricians are here today hooking up power to the pool lights and pump equipment. Later this week, they will put the sand in the filters and start charging the pool.
State Housing Community & Development has taken jurisdiction just last week of the pool deck, the lodge and the bunkhouse. We are expecting to get inspections done soon so we can get the patio and pool open.
We are working steadily on getting the lodge and bunkhouse started. We are finding that the COVID restrictions being eased is helping the process along.




We continue to make progress on the pool! Got the lines in, trenches in for dusk-dawn lights, trenches for french drains, propane tanks were set for pool heaters. (4.21.2020)


The contractor (and our crew) working steadily on getting the pool ready. After restrictions are lifted due to COVID-19, we’ll be on our way to enjoying a summer at the pool. (4.10.2020)


Good weather in the forecast, pool company come on Monday, April 6, 2020, got the anchors for the ladders and the automatic fill system put in – those needed to be done before S+B James Construction came out started grading for new pool deck today, April 7, 2020!! 🌞



20200117-RRANCH DD-Preliminary (1)



CONSTRUCTION GOALS FOR THE R-RANCH: Your Board of Directors and the General Manager have set the following goals for the rebuild of the R-Ranch.

NEW POOL: Target date is June 2020. Updates on progress will be posted as available.

BUNKHOUSE/COOK SHACK: Target date for start of construction TBA.

COTTONWOOD LODGE:  Target date for start of construction TBA. Both buildings will be constructed simultaneously.