Rebuild Updates

By October 31, 2018 October 15th, 2021 Fire and Rebuild

This page will be the owner’s source for “Official Updates” on the rebuild of the R-Ranch Bunkhouse, Cottonwood Lodge and the pool. We will update this no less than once a month, but more often as designs and other construction information is available.

from September 25,2021 Draft Minutes, BOD Meeting


Treasurer, Tim Besheone reported that he has met with S+B James Construction.

The design team is redesigning the plans. It’s going to take a week to redesign the plans. It’s going to take two weeks to put it out for bid to the subcontractors to get us within budget. December is the soonest construction would be able to begin if there is good weather. However, February-March is a more realistic timeframe. The Inspector is willing to come out and inspect the ground which will extend the permit for another six months. The Ranch will not be taxed if we’re under contract. The Bunkhouse and the Lodge will be rebuilt at the same time. If you have any questions concerning the construction, please reach out to Tim as he oversees the rebuild project and oversees S+B


Final Rebuild Survey Results


Please keep your eyes open for the vote – it will come directly from The Ballot Box.

Information Rebuild Vote






Not too long ago, an owner stated that the ranch has faced the “perfect storm” during this rebuild.    And as most owners realize, that storm has not yet relented because it has encompassed far more than the original fire.  First, there was the two+ year-long battle with the insurance company over the “replacement value” clause in the ranch policy.  Next came the pandemic that shut down the country, government offices, the supply chain, and froze the rebuild.  Plus, during this turmoil, it was also necessary to hire a new General Manager and bring him up to update.  Finally, Housing Community Development (HCD) reviewed the ranch’s plans and permits only to add stipulations.  In complying with those stipulations, it was discovered that the septic system for the pool/lodge area would have to be repaired and expanded.  In the meantime, lumber supplies and shipping costs have skyrocketed.  It is now necessary to re-examine the cost and scope of the rebuild project.  Although the ranch has over three million dollars in an investment account dedicated to the rebuild that will not be enough to rebuild all of the facilities simultaneously.  Thus, the owners and the board have some decisions to make since the rebuild has already started, been delayed, and restarted again.


According to the CC&Rs, Article VIII, Section 3, the owners, by a simple majority vote, have two choices:  “(a)  to repair, reconstruct and restore the damaged or destroyed Common Facilities, and specially assess all Owners for such additional funds as may be needed for such purpose, or (b)  not to repair, reconstruct or restore the damaged or destroyed Common Facilities but rather utilize the insurance proceeds available for such reconstruction, together with any other sums otherwise available to the Association for such purpose, to demolish and remove the damaged or destroyed improvements from the Common Area and to level and landscape the sites thereof and apply any balance of such proceeds and/or funds as the Members holding such voting power may determine.”  (Please note that demolished buildings and fire debris referenced in choice b were removed within the first year after the fire.)


Currently, the Board of Directors is consulting with the ranch attorney on how best to proceed with such a vote including ballot language, tabulation, next steps, etc.  To assist with input from owners on this decision, the Board of Directors will be reinstating Survey Monkey, a software program that the ranch used in years past to gather owner ideas and preferences.  At the very least, the board believes that the lodge/pool area needs to be completed enough to be useable and proceed from there in phases depending on finances.  More information will be forthcoming.



Pat Chase

R-Ranch Board President      

Rebuild News: March 30, 2021
S&B James Construction has filed their 114-page report with the State of California HCD answering all their requests for additional information. This should be the last hinderance holding up the issuance of permits for construction. Watch this space for the final approval and receipt of construction permits.
R-Ranch BOD


We have diligently been working on getting permitting through Sacramento Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD); trying to figure out the dusk to dawn lighting for the parking lots at the Cottonwood and Bunkhouse areas.  As per the Plan Correction Notice #13:

Sheet A-101a, Provide wet stamped wet signed engineering calculations for site light pole design. Provide photometric plan with light pole locations that meet the lighting requirements of section 2108 Park Lighting.

The ranch has engaged a civil engineer, through our contractor, to try and mitigate this correction notice received from HCD.

HCD is trying to force upgrades from 1970s standards and regulations.

We are hoping for permits by Spring 2021 and commence building.

Board of Directors


UPDATE! 8.25.2020

Our fence contractor has finished installation of the new fencing around the pool, complete with gates, panic bars and a key pad for card and code use to get into the pool! THE POOL IS STILL NOT OPEN YET! But things are moving along!!


We took some pictures of the new dusk to dawn lighting, new electrical outlets, new in & out hand rails – and look at the beautiful blue pool!!



The pool itself is up and running, we just have to have the propane hooked up to the pool heaters. The pool deck is under HCD (Housing & Community Development) for permitting and they are headquartered in Sacramento, California. Just for reference, in additional to the pool deck, before the pool can open, we have to have: *approved fencing with self-locking gates – *proper signage – *dusk to dawn lights that don’t shine on the pool, – *a drinking fountain – *a temporary shower facility/trailer – *port-a-potties in the area, and a final occupancy inspection. All before owners and guests can enjoy the R-Ranch pool.
We were getting permitting easily at first for electrical (i.e. transformer and electrical box). Then about two months ago, HCD had an inspector come out and instead of inspecting the site; he inspected the R-Ranch as a whole and went back to his Sacramento office with his findings. HCD had a meeting to decide if R-Ranch was under their jurisdiction. They came to the conclusion that we were under their jurisdiction and they would be permitting the construction project. About three weeks ago our construction company and I received a letter from HCD stating that yes to the buildings, but not the pool deck. My first reaction was disbelief; my second reaction was to head directly to the Siskiyou County for help. They countered with DCH form #514 stating that the pool deck was under the jurisdiction of HCD. I started making phone calls again to HCD and various Siskiyou County departments. After a humbly stated email to HCD – with hat in hand so to speak; I finally got HCD and Siskiyou County to talk again. As weird as this may sound, Siskiyou County is permitting the pool deck and HCD is permitting the lighting around the pool deck, as well as the buildings.
Siskiyou County Environmental Health, Siskiyou County Planning Department and Siskiyou County Office of County Counsel went above and beyond to help work this situation out. I want to thank them! So, with all this being said, we are able to move ahead with the pool deck; all of this with the COVID-19 shutdowns working against us.
Dave Baudek, GM
Fiber glassing of the pool was completed last week. This week, we are filling the pool with water. The electricians are here today hooking up power to the pool lights and pump equipment. Later this week, they will put the sand in the filters and start charging the pool.
State Housing Community & Development has taken jurisdiction just last week of the pool deck, the lodge and the bunkhouse. We are expecting to get inspections done soon so we can get the patio and pool open.
We are working steadily on getting the lodge and bunkhouse started. We are finding that the COVID restrictions being eased is helping the process along.




We continue to make progress on the pool! Got the lines in, trenches in for dusk-dawn lights, trenches for french drains, propane tanks were set for pool heaters. (4.21.2020)


The contractor (and our crew) working steadily on getting the pool ready. After restrictions are lifted due to COVID-19, we’ll be on our way to enjoying a summer at the pool. (4.10.2020)


Good weather in the forecast, pool company come on Monday, April 6, 2020, got the anchors for the ladders and the automatic fill system put in – those needed to be done before S+B James Construction came out started grading for new pool deck today, April 7, 2020!! 🌞



20200117-RRANCH DD-Preliminary (1)



CONSTRUCTION GOALS FOR THE R-RANCH: Your Board of Directors and the General Manager have set the following goals for the rebuild of the R-Ranch.

NEW POOL: Target date is June 2020. Updates on progress will be posted as available.

BUNKHOUSE/COOK SHACK: Target date for start of construction TBA.

COTTONWOOD LODGE:  Target date for start of construction TBA. Both buildings will be constructed simultaneously.