General Manager’s Report

September 25, 2021

Greetings Owners,

There have been a number of positive things happening including the painting of the three entrances of the Ranch and removal of some dangerous trees at the gazebo and Cottonwood office. This was accomplished be owners coordinated by Georgette Bales with Larry Bales leading the charge. There will be more on this later today. A lift was rented and several trees were trimmed in Cottonwood and a few at Klamath. There are plans in the budget that is being finished to be able to rent some equipment next year to get more high work done, unless an owner has one to loan. Cleanup has begun at the maintenance shop and the vehicle are being reviewed to determine if they can be running and sold. A notice will go out to owners when the listings are going up. We have been getting the backhoe reviewed by an equipment mechanic owner and sent the information to the loss prevention team at State Fund, our worker’s compensation carrier to find out what we need to do to stay in safety compliance with it.

The wranglers at stables have worked on oiling and cleaning saddles over the last couple weeks and are taking out rides and will be starting those at 10 AM next week. Call the morning before please to set the ride up. There are a couple potential new head wranglers and I will be meeting with one next week in Bakersfield for an in-person interview and if that goes well, she will come here for a few days for a final interview.

I found and reviewed two past reserve studies that were completed by professional companies that specialize in reserves. For those who may not know, a reserve study is a listing of all the assets of a property including all major equipment, tools, buildings, roofs, recreational amenities and so on. All of those have a useful life and will need major repairs or replacement one day. The cost of each in today’s dollars is projected with annual inflation to the end of that useful life and the amount of money that adds up to is what needs to be waiting in the bank. I created an inhouse version that calculates out these costs and Tim and I have been reviewing costs and future needs. There is going to be more details on this soon.

The winter is coming and lower Cottonwood and Klamath will be closed soon, especially if a lot of wet weather is coming in. A small roll off dumpster will be arriving Monday in Klamath to clean up the burn site. The board approved the contracting of an electrical company to come in and repair/replace the four broken pedestals in the Klamath Campground.

Thank you,


R-Ranch Association General Manager



Next BOD Meeting:      

Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 10am at Klamath Lodge